The Olympics, and the Stories… part one

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There are many great stories unfolding in these Olympics.

From Shaun White winning on a victory lap (which my dad rather aptly called winning gold AND silver); or the rise of “Apollo 7”; to the shockingly fatal luge crash the day before the games started; whether uplifting and inspiring, or tragic and overwhelming, stories of all sorts abound.

Tonight the ladies are taking to the ice again in the free skate, and these performances will determine the medal winners. There are many talented young women striving for the gold. The Korean, Kim Yu-Na, and the rivaling Japanese, Mao Asada and Miki Ando, are under intense pressure to deliver gold, or at least a medal that beats their rival nation. They are immensely popular in their home countries, achieving nearly equivalent status to US rockstars.

And the Americans, Mirai Nagasu and Rachael Flatt, are hoping too, to win Olympic medals. Rachael Flatt has been skating since she was three years old, and they are both counted among the top contenders.

But the most moving story in ladies figure skating is the Canadian Joannie Rochette, who lost her mother just a few days ago. Though hit with this devastating and sudden loss, she summoned the courage and determination to continue and compete well, though she looked nearly at the breaking point after her short program.

Joannie Rochette after short program (From Web)

I dearly hope she holds together for tonight’s performance, and though I feel I should be rooting wholeheartedly for the Americans, I cannot stop at least part of me from cheering her on to a medal.

There are still plenty more stories to tell, but tonight I wait with baited breath for the results of this competition. Tomorrow I hope to continue the tale…

Until next time, farewell!


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