The Big Reveal

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This is the event you have all been waiting for with bated breath! (Umm, hello? Are you ok? You’re turning kind of blue…)

My photos are online! Including my winning photo, Through a Glass, Darkly!

Drum-roll please…



Through a Glass, Darkly

(click for bigger image)

Whoot! Finally! 😀

I uploaded a bunch of other great photos, too; go check them out on my Flickr page! I also have some for sale as art prints or posters, on ImageKind!

And check back now and then on both sites. I hope to be adding even more new pictures to them over time. I have plenty (tons and tons, actually) of raw pictures straight from the camera, but it’s a good bit of work going through them all and choosing the best ones. 😛

In other news…

I have a new computer! Mom and dad got me a brand new laptop for a graduation present! My graduation from high school, and the regional homeschool convention, is in about a week! I still can’t really believe it… Wow.

But, yeah, I really needed this new computer. I mean, after all, that old, err… (clears throat) — “relic” that I was using was well past its prime. 😆

Well, I am now working on some computer art for the convention’s art contest. It’s a lot of work, but it should turn out really nice…. I’ll also enter some of my photos! Ooh… I’m so excited! And a bit nervous…

Until next time, farewell!


Back ‘n’ Busy

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Hi again!

Sorry I’ve been away a while, but between writer’s block and being too busy to write, I haven’t gotten a post going. I hope to be back more now.

But, now that I’m back, I have some news! My library is having a digital photo contest, and I entered three great photos, including the one that won before! The winners will be announced on the 15th. I’m so exited!

I’ve also been looking into doing some painting, particularly watercolors. I think I was put off of them as a kid, when I used those horrid kiddie pan watercolors that are dry and get all icky and mess up the brushes. That stuff stuck in my head and made me cringe. I was more interested in oil paint, probably because of Bob Ross, but that has it’s own disadvantages, (like–turpentine), and I never really got the chance.

Now, thanks to an art program at the library (hey, even great artists keep learning new stuff!), I have finally discovered tube watercolors! What a difference it makes! I felt like I was in heaven when I tried them!

So, now I have been researching supplies, and I am hoping to start painting! If any of you reading this have any suggestions (especially for those supplies, there are so many to choose from!), please help! 😮

Until next time, farewell!

Frenzied and Frazzled: First Place

June 4, 2009 at 6:02 pm | Posted in Art & Creativity, Life, Photography | Leave a comment

(Boing, boing, boing…) Hello there! (…boing, boing, boing…)

Remember how I said my photo won third in the regional homeschool conventon art show? Well, now it’s been judged in the state competition!

It came in first place!!! I can’t believe it! Of all the great artwork there, they chose mine! (Boing, boing, boing…faint.)

Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy……… 😀

Until next time, farewell!

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