Quite An Experience…

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We went to see Avatar in IMAX 3D yesterday.

It was quite an experience.

It was gorgeous.

But I did not see the whole movie.

You remember my post about my birthday, and how when we went to see Star Trek, I got something I called inverse seasickness?

Well, now, in comparison, that was nothing.

The result yesterday was not pretty.

I made it about two hours into the movie, though I had already been feeling ill effects, but then… Well…

I was sick. REALLY “sick”… As in, “losing my lunch”…

Need I say more? 😦

PS: despite the sickness caused by the movie, I still want to find out what happens… But since I do NOT want a repeat of the sick part, I have a bit of a dilemma. I am wondering if the non-IMAX version of the 3D would be easier on me, or if I should go for the rarer showing of the good-ol’ 2D. Wish me luck.

PPS: Oh, and it seems I am not the only one to get sick watching Avatar or other 3D movies. My parents got dizzy and even a bit nauseous, even if not as much as me, and online searches reveal other stories of 3D-induced motion sickness. At least I’m not alone…


I’m Getting Too Used To This

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Hello again!

Well, the results are in for the photo contest I entered!


I won first place! Aaaaa!!!!!

And, interestingly, they chose the previous winner, even though I gave them some other beauties to look at.

I have got to get this stuff uploaded soon… 😛

Until next time, farewell!

Back ‘n’ Busy

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Hi again!

Sorry I’ve been away a while, but between writer’s block and being too busy to write, I haven’t gotten a post going. I hope to be back more now.

But, now that I’m back, I have some news! My library is having a digital photo contest, and I entered three great photos, including the one that won before! The winners will be announced on the 15th. I’m so exited!

I’ve also been looking into doing some painting, particularly watercolors. I think I was put off of them as a kid, when I used those horrid kiddie pan watercolors that are dry and get all icky and mess up the brushes. That stuff stuck in my head and made me cringe. I was more interested in oil paint, probably because of Bob Ross, but that has it’s own disadvantages, (like–turpentine), and I never really got the chance.

Now, thanks to an art program at the library (hey, even great artists keep learning new stuff!), I have finally discovered tube watercolors! What a difference it makes! I felt like I was in heaven when I tried them!

So, now I have been researching supplies, and I am hoping to start painting! If any of you reading this have any suggestions (especially for those supplies, there are so many to choose from!), please help! 😮

Until next time, farewell!

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