About EagleGirl

Hello and welcome! I’m Grace Kipp, known online as EagleGirl!

I have always loved art, from as far back as I can remember. Whether it be drawing, computer art, painting, photography, or sculpture, I love it all. And I seem to have a knack for unusual shots and striking scenes, that has won me several awards already!

I love to take photos of clouds, sunsets, plants and flowers, and nature in general. From a blazing sun and glowing clouds, to a winter wonderland draped in snow, or a close macro shot of a back-lit leaf: if it is something beautiful, I want to take a picture of it!

And amidst all this art, I live with a veritable menagerie: two dogs and two rambunctious kitty cats… That is always interesting!

Take a look at my Flickr account or follow me on Twitter! You can even buy prints or posters of some of my art on ImageKind!


Copyright Notice:
Unless otherwise specified, all blog posts, posted images, and other material:
© Copyright 2009-2013, Grace Kipp. All Rights Reserved.

When I do use pictures from the web, such as with the pictures of the Olympics, I try to do so with utmost respect, under fair-use conditions. I don’t “direct link” (also known as hotlinking, and usually not appreciated); I set the picture up with a clickable embedded link to the source page, if known; and I state directly under it that it is from the web. If I use your picture and you still would prefer that I not, please let me know.


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