Birthday Berserkers

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Hello again!

Last Monday (the 18th) was my birthday! Woohoo!

Sorry for the delay posting. A lot of cool stuff happened over that weekend, starting with our regional homeschool convention Friday and Saturday. Two things were happening there that really excited me. One was that the keynote speaker was Andrew Pudewa, a language and communications expert. He has a writing course on dvd that I loved. Mr. Pudewa has a great sense of humor, and well, it’s hard to really explain unless you’ve seen him.

The other thing happening was an art show/contest held there. I entered two line-drawings of dragons and a photograph. It was a stiff competition, all the entries were at least good, and most were from great to incredible. When the results came in, my photo came in third place! It is now heading upstate to compete in the statewide show! (Boing, boing, boing…)

Then Sunday, after church, we went out to dinner and a movie, the new Star Trek. After Nemesis and the tv flop Enterprise, I was a bit skeptical about a new Star Trek movie. Mom researched it and it looked like people really liked it, so we decided to go see it despite our misgivings.

It was better than I dared hope! They acted just like they should: each character exhibited the spirit and mannerisms of the original crewmember. Kirk was so Kirk, Spock was definitely Spock, etc., etc. You find out how Bones gets his nickname! There are references and inside jokes to the past/future adventures that may leave trekkies rolling in the aisles. We certainly enjoyed it!

The only problem I had with it was by no means a fault of the movie. I got a bit of something I call inverse-seasickness. It’s strange, because I don’t think I’ve ever gotten normal seasickness, though I guess I never really tested it. I have gotten this inverse version before, though. I think something about the giant screen and the stuff moving on it when I’m not moving makes me dizzy and queasy. It varies depending on how much spinny stuff is in the movie and how close we sit. This movie had a good amount of spinning…

Ah, yes, on to the presents! The first, biggest, and most exciting present was a brand new camera! My old one, a Sony Cyber-shot, as great (and award winning) as it was, was still just a very advanced “point and shoot.” With limited zoom and an uncomfortable compact shape, it was a great just-below-pro camera, but had too many limits to let me grow much further.

The new camera is just what I had been wanting, though I hadn’t really known it. I had been drooling over digital SLR cameras on Amazon; dreaming, but not really expecting to get any of them. If you don’t already know about all this, SLRs are the big fancy ones where you change lenses, and they seem to dominate the pro-grade camera world. As my dad, the engineer, later explained to me, there are drawbacks to the mechanical system used in SLRs, in both speed and noise. I had already been worried about one main feature of SLRs, the (very expensive) interchangeable lenses. I didn’t look foward to changing big, bulky lenses all the time, but I thought it was the only way to get the range of zoom I wanted.

Enter a new category of cameras, one I guess I would call “Non-SLR Professional” cameras. My new camera is a FUGiFILM FinePix S1000fd. One built-in lens covers an extraordinary zoom range, from wide-angle (1x) to telephoto(12x). More lightweight and compact than an SLR, it retains the comfortable shape and grip. And with many settings that range from full auto and presets to full manual, with plenty in between, it welcomes various experience levels to dive in. It is everything I was looking for, without the SLR drawbacks.

Another great present was a new Christian fantasy book series, Dragons in our Midst, by Bryan Davis. I LOVE to read, especially Christian fantasy. I hadn’t had any new ones for a while, so I was feeling a bit story-starved. Three whole books, and about half of the next (and last), have already been devoured. I have to try to make them last, but it’s soooo hard! Good thing I also got another book, Arena, by Karen Hancock, and can read that next.

I also got some whittling/carving supplies, and a book, the Little Book of Whittling. I’ve already whittled out a knife, or should I call it a letter opener? Well, whatever it is, it’s a good first project.

And my cake, oooh, my cake looked like a castle! How cool is that? It even had pointy towers and battlements!

(Will work on getting pictures uploaded from my camera.)

Boy oh boy, what a fantastic and berserk week this was! 😀

Untill next time, farewell!



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  1. Congrats on your photograph and Happy Belated Birthday! You should upload your winning photo for all to see.


    • Thank you! I hope to get it uploaded soon.

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