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April 15, 2009 at 7:24 pm | Posted in Art & Creativity, Books & Writing, Life, Movies & Shows, Pets & Cuteness | 1 Comment

Hi, I’m EagleGirl!

Welcome to Eagle Heights! Hmm, where do I start? I’m a Christian, homeschooled, and love all sorts of animals (dogs, cats, horses, dolphins, and of course dragons!) In our “menagerie” we have three dogs (SweetPup, ImpDog and Cuddlepup Giganticus) and a cat (KittyQueen), and life with them is always very, er…interesting.

I know what you’re thinking, “Cuddlepup Giganticus?! What does that mean?” Well, he’s just what he sounds like, a big sweetheart, a labrador who wants to be a lap dog. You get the picture. And ImpDog? Well, that’s what she is, a cute (and sometimes mischievous) little clown. SweetPup, she’s…do I really have to explain? KittyQueen, well, she really does act like a queen at times, but she is so sweet! (Well, besides with the dogs, at least.) But KittyQueen was not always the cute and cuddly ball of fur she is now…but I’ll save that story, and others, for another time.

I just took a break from writing and found that Cuddlepup had mannaged to sneak onto the bed! He obeyed my command to get off very nicely, but it seems too quiet now and I am wondering if he’s gotten right back on! I better go check…

Uhhhggg, I was right, he did get back on, and then again before I could even get back and write it! It feels hopeless…But mom just put something on the bed to discourage him getting back on: a, er, whatsit? “A bumpy plastic shield” that they don’t like to lie on. We’ll see…

What else can I talk about? Well, I like classic movies, shows and books. There are hundreds of great classic movies: Ben-Hur, The African Queen, White Heat, The Birds, Casablanca, and It’s a Wonderful Life, just to name a few. More recently a handful of gems are beyond great (think LOTR).

It’s about the same for shows, too, with old shows like Star Trek (original, next gen. ds9 and voyager), Family Matters (Urkel is magnificent), Bonanza, and Quantum Leap.

There are so many old classic books, such as LOTR, Narnia, and G. A. Henty. There are some great new ones, too. The most notable one I can think of now is the Legends of the Guardian-King series.

I love to do artistic things like draw, do crafts, paint, make models and sculptures, computer artwork, just about anything fun and artistic. I like art that looks like something and takes some skill to do. In my book, a Jackson Pollock painting equals random splatter I could do in preschool. And a solid color on a canvas equals what everyone does when they paint a room.

I also like (or at least try) to write, which is partly why you are reading this today and not staring at a blank page. 😉

Until next time, farewell!


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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging!

    Have fun with it.

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